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How Could Vaping Save You Money?

For regular smokers all around the globe, purchasing a pack of cigrettes a day can definitely add up over time. For any smoker who has done the math to assess what their cost of smoking is a year, this is often a massive shock, giving smokers all

Are Their Side Effects To Vaping?

Those using vaping as a transition tool to assist in quitting smoking often wonder whether vaping is truly a healthier mode of nicotine consumption, particularly in relation to adverse side effects. Vaping uses e-liquids mixed with nicotine as a water substance that is converted to vapor, which

Smoking to Vaping: How To Transition With Ease

For many people taking up the vaping technique, a prominent reason why they have chosen to vape is to help taper and quit smoking. Non-smokers also come to vaping for the social function, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits. For both sides of the camp, a common consideration and