European Study-Vaping to Quit Smoking

Camp Wisdom Vapor StoreRecently in Europe a study was conducted that found vaping products were being used as a viable alternative for smokers to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, instead of using traditional marketed Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT)as a means to quit.


In June the American Vaping Association issued a press release regarding a study that was recently finished by scientists at the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research. From their data they determined tobacco smokers were frequently utilizing vaping as a means to quit or lessen their use of tobacco cigarettes. Information for the study was obtained from a 2014 Eurobarometer survey. The Eurobarometer survey computes, among other things, configurations in the use of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Information from the survey was obtained from a questionnaire answered by 27, 460 participants from 28 countries in the European Union.


Data from the survey found that 48.5 million Europeans have tried e-cigarettes, and there are 7.5 million current e-cigarette users. Among current e-cigarettes smokers 35.1% related they had quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, and another 32.2% stated they weren’t able to quit but have cut-back on the amount they smoke. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, principal investigator and co-author of the study reported in the press release, “These are probably the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed in such a large population study.”


There appeared to be several specific findings about vaping from the study. The data confirmed vaping was a feasible alternative for tobacco smokers to either quit smoking, or lessen their use of tobacco cigarettes. Research also found in general the average e-cigarette user was either a current or a prior tobacco smokers. Information from the research concluded only 1.3% of non-smokers reported they had smoked e-cigarettes containing nicotine, and a small 0.09% of non-smokers stated they smoked e-cigarettes on a daily basis. The findings indicated there appeared to be no continued use of e-cigarettes by non-smokers. This agrees with other studies that found vaping is not believed to be a gateway to tobacco cigarettes.


In their own recent study regarding e-cigarettes, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) came to the same conclusion, vaping is a practical way for smokers to quit. In their UK study “Nicotine without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction” the RCP established from their data that although E-cigarettes are being sold as a consumer product, they have become a viable means for smokers to quit or limit their tobacco cigarette use instead of using traditional Nicotine replacement therapies. From their research the RCP stated although future studies may find health risks associated with vaping, in today’s products the long-term health risks concerning vaping products is unlikely to be more than 5% of the harm from tobacco cigarettes. For the public health of current and future smokers the RCP would like to see e-cigarettes, NRT’s and other non-tobacco products endorsed as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.


As the data has shown vaping is a valuable means for smokers to quit or reduce their need for tobacco cigarettes so make the switch today. Your local Camp Wisdom Vapor Store‘s are stocked with all of your vaping needs.


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Tobacco Companies Investing in E-cigarettes

Female with an Electronic CigaretteNot long ago one of the largest tobacco companies in the nation starting laying off workers in an attempt to save money, approximately $300 million worth. Why would they do this? According to an article written by Matt Novak on Gizmodo, they need to save in order to enter the vaping industry. The article explains Altria Group is laying workers off in order to be able to start investing in electronic cigarettes.


Altria Group, formerly known as the Philip Morris Co., found its mark in tobacco industry with its Marlboro cigarette brand. They are now the holders of over half the traditional cigarette market. The tobacco industry has been hit hard with the decline in traditional cigarette smokers and the advance towards electronic cigarettes. The layoffs are Altria Groups proactive means in finding a way to compensate.


Campaigns geared towards the health risks of tobacco, nicotine and other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes started the tobacco industry’s downfall. New regulations were enacted limiting public smoking. Smokers were no longer able to smoke in their favorite venues. Also enactments of massive taxes forced smokers to either find alternative smoking methods or quit. This was the beginning for the vaping industry. Vaping was comparatively less expensive and healthier. This caused larger vaping companies to come into play, such as Dallas Vapor Galleria in order to supply these cheaper and healthier options.


The Gizmodo article states, as smokers left the traditional tobacco cigarette, tobacco companies watched their profits decline and turned to other avenues for income. Many companies switched their business investments to developing countries such as Asia. There the laws governing cigarettes were more tolerant. Especially with public smoking and advertising. With the tobacco industry focusing elsewhere the vaping industry took hold. The vaping industry was basically taking over the tobacco industry. To resolve this issue tobacco companies got the idea to buy out their competitors and make better products.


The tobacco industry appears to have found its winning hand again. This time with e-cigarettes. The new stricter rules and regulations pertaining to the vaping industry are basically pushing the smaller companies out of the market. The newest regulation by the FDA has the vaping industry in a choke hold. To be able to market their supplies vape companies have to submit Pre-Market Product applications for every product that wasn’t manufactured before February 15, 2007. That’s pretty much every vaping product out there. Many states are levying heavy taxes on vaping products and e-cigarettes. The only businesses that can afford to stay in the game are large businesses, and big tobacco companies.


Again the tobacco industry may be in place to score a goal in the smoking game. Either way, they seem to have the upper hand. They are large enough to endure the new regulations and taxes on vaping products. Also if the vaping industry happens to fade away due to the restrictive regulations and taxes, many believe smokers will re-visit traditional tobacco products. For tobacco companies it seems they may again have won. For the average smoker this may mean going back to traditional cigarettes. This could be a backward slide in the associated health risks of tobacco products.



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20 June 2016


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Vaping 101 – Quick Tips – ECig or Mod

Men with beard smoking electronic cigarette outdoorYou will generally find two kinds of tools utilized  for vaping, the e-cig as well as the mod. Essentially the most commonly identified type would be the e-cig. This sort of vaporizer usually has the shape of a classic tobacco cigarette. Mods do not have this cigarette style physique. It comes in different shapes, sizes and types.


Each e-cigs and mods are commonly referred to as e-cigarettes. Even though they tend to vary, they’re each made for use in vaping and each have essentially the identical technology. There are actually three standard parts to an e-cig or mod; the battery, the atomizer, and the e-liquid. The battery powers the device. The battery energy activates the atomizer, this heats up a coil, which heats up the e-liquid creating a vapor. The e-liquid, also known as e-juice, consists of the flavorings and, if any, nicotine.


Each kinds of devices technically operate the same way. The user inhales through a mouthpiece. This airflow triggers a sensor that switches on a battery powered heater coil. The heated coil warms up the e-liquid that may be in a cartridge. The heated e-liquid creates the vapor that the user inhales, and also creates a vapor cloud. The sensor may also activate a light in the end of an e-cig to simulate the lit end of a classic tobacco cigarette.


E-cigs, also referred to as e-cigarettes, are generally the initial form of product a brand new user tries. It generally features a similar look and feel to a standard tobacco cigarette. The e-cig is definitely the smallest sized vaping device. Usually it is disposable and comes using a pre-filled cartridge. Within the e-cigarette the battery is smaller sized, and produces significantly less of a vapor cloud than a mod device.


The Mod vaping device can also be referred to as an sophisticated personal vaporizer, vape pen, or vape mod. In accordance with Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide, the two standard shapes of mods are tube mods and box mods. The tube mod features a cylindrical physique shape. The box mod includes a square or rectangular body shape. Each kinds have items with variations of their body shapes and types. The mod user is in a position to regulate the power level. They’re reusable and typically have refillable e-juice containers. For the vape smoker that wants a lot more vapor, mods possess the possibility for making a bigger vapor cloud.


The e-cigarettes have a tendency to be significantly less pricey than the mods. The cost evens out due to the truth that the mods are reusable and refillable. The flavor producer in the e-cigs and mods could be the e-liquid, also known as e-juice. For the refillable types of vaping devices there are a vast quantity of flavors and nicotine levels obtainable. The flavors can also be mixed and matched to fit your personal taste. E-cigs include no tobacco solutions.


Together with the reputation of vaping there are many solutions offered. You’ll find diverse types of vapor mods and e-cigs, as well as a wide range of flavored e-liquids. Regardless of whether you favor e-cigs or mods there is a style to fit your individual tastes and demands.