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European Study-Vaping to Quit Smoking

Recently in Europe a study was conducted that found vaping products were being used as a viable alternative for smokers to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, instead of using traditional marketed Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT)as a means to quit.   In June the American Vaping Association issued a

Tobacco Companies Investing in E-cigarettes

Not long ago one of the largest tobacco companies in the nation starting laying off workers in an attempt to save money, approximately $300 million worth. Why would they do this? According to an article written by Matt Novak on Gizmodo, they need to save in order

Vaping 101 – Quick Tips – ECig or Mod

You will generally find two kinds of tools utilized  for vaping, the e-cig as well as the mod. Essentially the most commonly identified type would be the e-cig. This sort of vaporizer usually has the shape of a classic tobacco cigarette. Mods do not have this cigarette