Are Their Side Effects To Vaping?

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Are Their Side Effects To Vaping?

Those using vaping as a transition tool to assist in quitting smoking often wonder whether vaping is truly a healthier mode of nicotine consumption, particularly in relation to adverse side effects. Vaping uses e-liquids mixed with nicotine as a water substance that is converted to vapor, which is inhaled. There are ranges of different combinations of ingredients, which are used in the e-liquids. From flavorings, colorings and other chemical additions, the e-liquids come in a range of subtle, sweet and intense flavored options. When considering the possible side effects of vaping, it is important to take into account not just the chemical make up of what is being inhaled, but also the act of smokeless nicotine consumption as well as the interplay of the process of quitting smoking.


One commonly experienced side effect from vaping is dehydration. As some e-liquids include glycerin, the consumption of this ingredient can create dry mouth and instances of dehydration in the body. To combat this, be sure to consume more water than usual.  Some people also have allergic reactions to glycerin or other additives in the vaping solutions. There is a risk of bacteria growth in the mouth from using the vaping devices, especially if failing to clean the mouthpieces properly, or sharing devices. Be sure to always keep your vaping device super clean to ward off from potential bacterial infections or illnesses.


For those who are using vaping as a transition from smoking, some side effects from nicotine withdrawals such as dizziness and fatigue can also be experienced  due to the much lower nicotine content in vaping. The withdrawal symptoms of smoking can easily be confused with side effects from vaping.


In conclusion, dehydration, bacteria, and nicotine withdrawals are the main forms of side effects that people may see when vaping. Vaping does not cause long-term adverse health risks or side effects like smoking does, making vaping a much better substitute.