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Smoking to Vaping: How To Transition With Ease

vapingFor many people taking up the vaping technique, a prominent reason why they have chosen to vape is to help taper and quit smoking. Non-smokers also come to vaping for the social function, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits. For both sides of the camp, a common consideration and point of importance for vaping enthusiasts is limiting the consumption of nicotine in the vaping process. Especially for those cutting down on smoking, it can be a useful tool for people to wean themselves from their addiction without quitting cold turkey. Here we offer some quick tips and tricks to utilize vaping in a way that you can cut down on nicotine consumption.


Find an e-liquid you prefer, and instead of starting just with the high strength of nicotine, with the intention of later switching to the low one when you are ready, you can mix the two strengths together to make a slightly lower level, an extra step in the process of cutting down. You can also use the two strengths intermittently, vaping the strong mix, and switching to the lower one throughout the day. Some companies even customize nicotine levels of your e-liquid for you.


It is advised that for anyone looking to cut down on their nicotine level whilst using vaping as that platform, do so in a gradual way. For people to switch from high strength nicotine from smoking, straight to lower or no nicotine vaping, it can be equivalent to quitting all together. This can lead to people either vaping too much to try and make up for it, or going back to their smoking addiction. Gradual weaning and tapering of nicotine levels can be a great way to stay on the path to quitting.


So visit your local vape store to try a method to quitting smoking that actually works!